Teaching Philosophy:
The true function of a university education is to develop students abilities to think critically and analytically. Therefore, my objective is not merely teach students economic phenomenon, but rather, teach them how to think about money, market and the economy. Students can always find facts and formulas in books, but they can not work out solutions when they are facing problems if they do not learn it now.This objective shifts the focus away from gcovering the materialh to creating an atmosphere conductive to learning. This atmosphere requires student joining in the classwork positively and, of course, I need your cooperation, my students.

Research Interests:
Studies of sound financial structures for developing countries and sustainable development are my main theme. One of my current research topics is to apply SVAR modeling approach to analyze the effects of monetary policy on real economic activity, prices as well as the role of the exchange rate channel in the monetary transmission mechanism. The research outcomes in past, hereafter, integrated into in order to find out empirical answers for plausible monetary policy matched with reality as well as to design institutional framework under financial globalization.